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Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am still hiding under my blankets but wanted to stop by and say hello here.

I have a three month old niece and I can relate to this post.

Your mother's day post was very thought provoking. It's all so sad.


In my haze I forgot the most important part . . . congrats on the nice fundus!


God, Kath. Sound like a very intense afternoon you had yesterday. I too like to torture myself with flyers at the clinic.. the last booklet I picked up had a whole A5 page on how to deal with the stress of infertility. I was so very pleased to know it could be summarised that easily. *rolls eyes*


Woo hoo for a septum-free ute! Wonderful news.


So glad that nasty ole septum is gone and you got a nice look at the uterus. Finally! Ding dong the septum is gone...


septum free is the way to be! congrats. (and hee hee, the word fundus makes me laugh)


I think I have just a drop of dyslexia because everytime the word "fundus" appears in this post, I see "fungus".

..not that you have fungus

...oh, never mind.

(I'm happy your doc was able to give you good news.)


Congratulations on a smooth, lovely fundus! (THERE is a sentence I have never written before). It is nice to read some good news on this rather awful day.
I am sorry about your nerves, though--may they become as smooth and calm as your fundus.


Hooray for a smooth fundus and septum-free ute!

There is nothing quite like trying to calm a child who will not be consoled, is there? I had a similar experience once babysitting my friend's kid, 3 at the time--she said "bye bye Mommy!" cheerfully, played with me for about twenty minutes, then disintegrated. Screamed "MOMMY!" at the top of her lungs for, oh, about an hour. Finally sobbed herself to sleep. I tried to take off her shoes and put her to bed but she woke up and started screaming again. When my friend finally returned she found the two of us lying in an exhausted, tear-stained heap on the couch.


Congrats on the beautiful fundus! That must be so reassuring. Sorry about the wailing niece - yikes. I'd need a drink too.


So glad that you are, after all, septum free. One step forward...

I hope you did have that drink after dealing with your wailing niece. And hopefully she's just in a phase at the moment and it will pass soon, so you can enjoy the time you spend with her.


Yeah about the fundus- sorry you had such a stressful day with your niece. 9 months is exactly right on schedule with separation anxiety- hopefully she'll grow out of it and come to adore you as you were meant to be adored.


Congratulations on the good news about your uterus! I'm glad that there was no nasty nubbin and that you can put all your septum worries behind you.


Hey! Great news on the uterus! I hope you become hospitable as soon as possible :) Sorry about the cranky baby - I can only imagine how, I don't know, terrifying? heartbreaking? nervewracking? that must have been.



Fundus/fungus... yah... I get that image, too.

Kath, darlin'... I'm so sorry I haven't been around of late. I'm actually kind of embarrased that it's been so long since we've 'chatted'... I might even take another stab at an attempted phone call... maybe this time we'll get lucky!


Congratulations, I'm so pleased that everything is ok. I hope your nice smooth fundus is preface to a beautiful lining next month. Your poor body has been through the wringer, I'm not surprised it's taking a bit of time to recover.

Lola Badeggs

Yay! Congrats for putting the fun into fundus. Woo hoo!


Wow, Kath - that was quite an afternoon. I am really glad to hear you do not have a septum and am hoping that the rest of your uterus starts to cooperate too!


Big congrats on being septum free, my friend. What a relief.


Mighty fine fundus, you've got there. I'm glad the new came back positive. Sounds like you had yourself one heck of an afternoon with your niece.


I'm so very glad to hear that you are now septum-free! Jagged nerves are completely understandable after your experience at the clinic and with your inconsolable niece. In fact, if that was your worst affliction after all you'd been through, then you are even more of a superwoman than I originally thought!

fisher queen

Behold the lovely fundus!

I still can't look at pregnancy mags without shivers of negative feelings-


Oh, Kath. I'm glad to hear that you're septum free, but the rest is just too much. I hope your days have been better since.


I always knew you would have a beautiful fundus one day!!Sorry about what you went through with your niece. That must be hard.


A smooth fundus...the must-have for every chic infertile! Glad to hear that all is well. I hope your lining perks up soon, too.

Sounds like a wringer of an afternoon. Rest up and apply alcohol liberally. Love you!

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