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My name is Kath, and I'm 40. I'm an expatriate American living in Germany and married to a wonderful husband, M. After we decided four years ago to start a family, I lost three pregnancies in 18 months:

Miscarriage 1: Week 8, 5/04
Miscarriage 2: Week 8, 1/05
Miscarriage 3: Week 8, 10/05

In January 2006, after all other tests had turned up diddly squat, I was finally diagnosed with a uterine septum, which I nicknamed the Embryo Docking Station of Death. It was resected in February 2006.

After the surgery, nothing happened for months and months -- until finally my system was scared into action by an appointment with an RE. Awaiting my first medicated cycle, I got pregnant in January 2007, and my daughter, Banana, was born in September.

After some breastfeeding challenges and a spot of PPD, I am now enjoying motherhood wholeheartedly -- and hoping that fate will bring me another one...