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Well thank God they've finally stumbled on what the problem is. Hoping that its removal bodes only good things. For now, drink up!


So glad they found something, and something fixable. Can't believe you get another three-month wait, is this some special torture reserved only for you? My goodness.

Like Molly said, drink up. You'll be able to enjoy Starkbierzeit at least. ;-)


Hey I got one of them fancy Embryo Docking Station of Death things. Well, had one. They kept telling me it wouldn't be an issue. Two miscarriages later it came out and, so far so good. The waiting sucks. And if you wake up with a balloon in your uterus, watch out, that fucker HURTS when they yank it out. Other than that it wasn't bad at all.


Wow. I'm so glad that you have some answers and a solution to boot. And I'm glad you've found some optimism, too.


i think every recurrent miscarrier dreams of the day a reason for their miscarriges happen is found. i bet is both hard to know there is a problem, but a relief to know that it can be fixed. and now you solidified for me the reason that I am going in for a shg next month.

wierd to say it, but great news kath! hope is alive.


I'm happy for you that you have an answer. Stupid septum be gone!!!! I hope your spirits stay up too.


I know of what you speak (er, type). The septum, the surgery, the mother fucking waiting. But I'm SO glad they finally found that thing!! You may want to ask your RE for an MRI before you go thru with the surgery. This will give them a MUCH better idea of what exactly you're dealing with (true septate ute versus a bicornuate ute... they can look an awful lot alike, but a septate ute is easily fixed with surgery, a bicornuate ute is not). I only say this bc I went through HELL and 3 doctors before mine was properly diagnosed. If either of my first two doctors had paid attn to the MRI, I would have been spared a lot of time and swearing.


Somehow it does seem easier once there is a friggin diagnosis, doesn't it? Sorry you have another hold up, but it sounds like you are at least making progress.


I'm sorry to be so Pollyanna about this, but thank god they found something they can fix. Three months sucks...A LOT...but think of the possiblities after that.
Wishing you the best!


Wow! As only a fellow infertile can understand... I am SOOO happy for you! What wonderful news to have a tangible diagnosis! What a freaking relief...

And honey... sweety... lovey... liebling... PLEASE re-send me your phone number!!! I've been wanting to call but I lost it in a computer crash...


How wonderful to have a diagnosis besides "crappy eggs, probably." I'm so glad you have an answer, and a problem that can be fixed. You must feel as though the weight of the world is off your shoulders!

fisher queen

It's always so great to be able to point to a reason. Here's to smooth sailing from now on.

Prop Your Hips Up

I'm so glad that they've identified the issue - how wonderful to know "what" is going on. I've finally caught up on all your posts (yep, I read from the beginning - I can't start commenting until I do that for some reason - blog ettiquete perhaps?), and I was delighted to read this post.


Death to the Embryo Docking Station!! I know it's frustrating to have to sit around waiting again but I hope the knowledge that this could finally be it, helps a tiny bit.
I'm glad to hear it wasn't painful and that they found something fixable.


I'm so VERY glad that you found an answer, that the procedure wasn't painful, and that your optimism is back! Yippee!!

(Embryo Docking Station of Death...LOVE it! When I read that, I immediately had this image of a Death Star-shaped embryo floating ominously toward a laptop docking station. My true nerd colors are shining through.)


I'm so glad it went better than you hoped. Good luck with the removal. This is good. They are going to fix you.


Dare I say it - but Kath, that is DAMN good news! Given the universe of outcomes and diagnoses, this is a great, fantastic one! The waiting, of course, sucks big time, but AFTER that - it's all clear! Wonderful! I'm (weirdly?) excited that you have this news!

Lut C.

Embryo Docking Station of Death, that's one for my collection!

Thanks for describing the procedure in detail. I've been reading about it in a book, but I don't trust them not to downplay pain and discomfort.


I actually clapped my hands in glee, reading this--how odd is it that we are all so delighted?
But, nevertheless, I am. I am so relieved for you that you have a credible reason for your miscarriages. Though the three months things is starting to become a bit of a punchline, isn't it?


Whoah! That must have been a surprise, but so good that you discovered it. And I cannot believe that the hysteroscopy didn't hurt you! It was EXCRUCIATING to me -- I mean, I almost fainted on the table. Well, lucky you, for escaping that pain.

I'm sorry you have to wait yet again, but this is pretty important news and you have to get it taken care of. Hopefully starting out with a newly repaired uterus will make all the difference.


I'm so glad they found something they can fix up for you. The waiting must suck, but at least you know now that it will all be okay when you start trying again.


Oh, oh, but that's fixable, good one! That is excellent! [Er, within the Absolute Bollocks frame, of course) Embryo Docking Station of Death - sorry, I laughed.

I lurk here often - *cheery wave!*- , was very happy to see your comment bcs - that means I can comment here, yes? Fearfully, but still. Right? Also, I could have written your first paragraph. (In fact, I believe I sort of did). And how on earth did you learn Portie, woman?


I love "Embryo Docking Station of Death!" Even in the midst of it all, you are one funny girl. Hopefully everything goes well with the surgery...you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. And hopefully the three month wait will be immediately followed by pregnancy.


Oh Kath I'm so sorry and so pleased at the same time. Goodbye to the embryo docking station of death. I cannot believe no one had seen it before.


Thank goodness they've found the reason, but sorry it took them this long to find it. I'm glad it's fixable and I hope 2006 turns out to be a very fertile year for you and M. (After the little delay, of course. I'm sending wonderful wishes your way. Say goodbye, Embryo Docking Station of Death! Ha HA!

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