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Good for you. I am happy to hear the good news.

And I am glad you're posting, too.


Do you want to...? I mean, what? I just...

Yeah. No words for that one. Wow.

A heartbeat, though! A beautiful little heartbeat and a sac and everything! That is simply wonderful.

And Kath? You always belong here in this community. You get the infertile angst, you get the pain and the heartbreak. I wouldn't say that the infertility label doesn't fit you because of your status as a recurrent miscarrier. Infertility shows up in a lot of ways. Regardless, I never feel like you're "taking up my airtime." We're all here because we love you and we want to be.




And, what Flicka said. You belong because we love you.


So glad things are going well. And you belong here. I feel somewhat similar, particular when new people click on my about page and don't know what it took for me to have 3 kids. But as for current readers, I figure if its too painful for those still in the trenches to read, they'll stop reading.


Oh, sweet Kath, I always welcome news of your continuing story. Always. But I do understand your mixed emotions. I am so very hopeful for you.


Oh, some medical personnel and their lack of sensitivity and decorum...

Clover has it right. You don't need to apologise for your happiness. If people don't like it, they can stop reading.


I figure if you feel like posting then post. The comments may not be as numerous as before (something I've noticed) but people are still reading.

Oh and great news about the heartbeat.


Phew - glad to hear all is okay. As for blogging - you are not a fraud. Recurrent miscarriage carries it's own bag of worms and we all know a bag of worms is only good if you're going fishing. So please keep posting. Hang in there and know we're here for you :) Give hugs to Banana for me.


Great news to hear all is on track. Keep it up, little embryo. Just three weeks until you're a fetus, and it all gets better from there.


OK totally misinterpreted pee-test nurse's comment to mean she was asking if you wanted to keep the positive test, (ewww) not the pregnancy! SHEESH!

I've been thinking of you, my friend and am glad you got to see that heart flickering away.

And there is no way you're taking up my air time, I've been longing for an update.

Maybe I have a bias here as a recurrent miscarrier myself, but I SO think you belong here - and I always want to hear what you have to say...


So happy that so far all is going well.

I am right there with you, not infertile but was the recurrent miscarrier as well. It still sucks, you didn't have a baby in your arms and now you have one and another, hopefully, here soon. Your story provides hope that it can happen and hopefully it will happen for all of us.

Plus if you left us you would be taking away our updates on Banana and your humor. We need that so please don't go.


Wow! What a great story. I hope all continues to go well.
And please, yes, post. There are not as many of us recurrent miscarriers and I want to read all my veteran counterparts and how they got to be vetereans, once or twice over. "Do it for the kids!" like they say.


Stay Kath, stay! I can totally understand your feelings about not fitting quite right (I mean, how many infertiles have four kids?), but I would miss you sooooo much!

And what a horribly insensitive assistant your doc has. Yikes!

I'm so glad your pregnancy continues well. You certainly know that 3 days +/- on an ultrasound is completely acceptable. My little rhymes-with-Banana was always 3 or 4 days behind.

And I'm still completely floored that I'm due only a single day after you.


Oh, and if you're worried about not having seen the corpus luteum, why don't you ask for some progesterone support for the next three weeks? Was your progesterone tested in that blood draw?


"I see it and it's just right."

Love those words. Love them! Thrilled for you and hope to read lots more good news here.

Don't ever feel guilty. You do belong here. And it's great to celebrate this.


I'm sorry, WHAT? Do you want to keep "it?" *blink*

I'm SO happy for you, Kath.

I can't tell you how to feel, but I'll say two things: You helped me tremendously with my own IF, particuarly when I needed surgery in Jan 07.

I'd also miss you very much if you decided not to post anymore.




you BETTER stay!

and keep it? yes, lets.


(what a stupid question . . . what a cow!)


Hey - you can't leave a comment like that on a girl's blog and then not post! Hope all is well. Been thinking of you today.

You have my address if you want to drop a line...


I found you through Sherry's blog- congrats and I hope that little bean keeps trucking along :)

PS- what a dumb a** assistant...

Country Chick

You have every right. no-one is forced to read, after all, but it's nice that you're back - and with such uplifting news!

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