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Oh Kath, I'm so sorry about Banana's "incident". We've had several and I still feel just horrid. N always seems to slip in path undetected and I feel like I'm constantly running him over as I chase C. I understand how crummy it feels. But they do bounce back pretty quickly. Faster than we do! ;)
Glad to hear M's test went well and he's in the clear.
Happy 1st Birthday Banana!!!


Nah. Worst mom would laugh hysterically even though it's not funny. I'm just sayin'.

You obviously are taking good care of her or she wouldn't be in the top of her class at a lovely one year of age.


I dropped Nick from a standing position when he was a newborn. And once I drove an hour away without actually buckling the straps on the car seat.

You'll have to do better than that to win World's Worst Mom. :) *hugs*


I scratched Sam's arm today with my ring when I was getting him up from his nap. He did that breathless thing that Banana did and then I had to take him to church nursery where EVERYONE could see his newly scratched up arm. Winner! You are so not alone. I also did the no buckle thing with the car seat, though I only got down the road. I was slinging him all around in the seat to get him out the door, though. He could have flown out of his seat at any time. We didn't tell our social worker about that one.

*hugs* Sorry you're still tired but kind of glad, you know? And Sam is trying to be just like Role Model Banana and hit the 95th percentile for everything. She's an inspiration!


Ugh - well first I am glad to hear M's test went well, that must have been a relief.

And try not to beat yourself up too much about the door v. banana's head. I can't imagine what that must feel like, but believe me there are tons of people ahead of you in line for that worst mom prize!


Oh, I am so sorry, Kath. What a horrible feeling to inadvertently hurt our own children!! Here's one...

On Ben's second birthday, I took him to a gym class. We were running behind and after removing our shoes & socks, I opened the door (towards us) to enter the class. And right over his big toe. And ripped his big toenail off. ON HIS SECOND BIRTHDAY. Blood, crying, everywhere. I felt...horrible. Nice birthday present.

It's been nearly 6 months and it's growing back in nicely, but at least he's more cautious of opening doors. Me too.

Wishing you all the best!


Oh Kath, I'm so sorry about B's fall, Bryce and I head butted each other the other day on accident and he screamed bloody murder. Makes you feel awful. Her and Bryce must be virtual twins indeed in the height/weight department. Glad the hubby is okay also. Take care and sneak those naps in when you can, thinking of you!


Funny how we all have these tales of accidentally injuring our children. I know when it happens you panic, but it's good to hear that everyone does it at some stage!

I dropped a mug on P's head when she was a few months old. I was doing dishes and she was in her bouncy chair on the floor right next to me. I reached to place a mug on the countertop, and brushed another one in the process, knocking it right on top of her head. Oh, how she screamed.

That was almost two years ago and I feel guilty just writing that!

Happy birthday to Banana!


Ohhh, that made my cry, not because I was worried about Banana (I know she is fine!) but because I recognize that guilt. Oof. But I am glad that Banana recovered quickly and looking forward to hearing all about her first birthday!


Um, yep, I know that feeling, too. I closed Emito's fingers in the door (on the hinge side) really hard. I still get the chills when I think of the shriek. My poor baby.

Thankfully, it sounds like Banana's OK--you will be too, eventually!

Glad to hear that M checked out alright, and I'm so very excited about your news! I hope all goes well, and that come spring, you'll know the joy and madness of having both a toddler and a newborn.

Betty M

I think you have to have at least one of these incidents as a kind of rite of passage. I don't know anyone who has manged to not have one.
Glad the tests all came back without the scary stuff.


Oh, babe, it sucks but we've all had a Bad Mother moment when we hurt our kids (on accident of course). The guilt is monstrous, though, and I know just how you feel. Hope Banana is ok, and that you are too.

Lut C.

The jury scoffs at your submission. For goodness sake, mothers you are so deeply affected by accidentally bumping their babys head don't come near to qualifying.

I can imagine you were shaken to the core.

Good to hear Banana is doing so well, and you and M too!


I am sure banana has recovered, I hope you have too, and that you celebrated a lovely birthday together.


It happens my love, it does, it doesn't make you a shit mom! take care my love! HUGS


It's great news that M is okay. What a relief!

Happy belated birthday to Banana and way to go growing such a fine, big girl. I'm sure she has now long forgotten her bump on the head despite your pain over it.

It is so true that every mom and baby go through some variation of this (some of us more than once!), and Banana certainly didn't get the worst knock. You're a wonderful mother to her Kath. She's a lucky girl.


Just wanted to let you know I am joining you in the ranks of "Worst Mom". Last week I was in charge of the girl and she cart wheeled off the edge of the bed and landed on her head, no concussion thankfully. Then the first night my husband was out of town on his trip this week we had actual blood. She just started crawling and had the plug in her mouth and her arm went out on her, face first into the rug and the plug cut her lip.
I wonder if I can keep her alive until she is a year old at this rate. ;) So you are not alone my friend.

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