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I'm so glad that at least the important things are ok. And that the troubling but not so important things get better soon.

If she is teething, do try a bit of medised/calpol or whatever the german equivalent is. When I showed some squeamishness on this point, my dentist likened the pain of teething to the pain of having a bikini wax, and asked me if I was having continual bikini waxes for 24 hours a day wouldn't I want some pain relief? It does help with the sleeping, too!


Congrats on the appointment, I'm SO happy to hear that everything is right on track!


Whew, relief! SO glad you had a good appointment...Dr. Wonderful sounds like a total delight!

And good luck with M and the test - hope it doesn't turn out to be anything too serious.

Betty M

Congrats on the scan and I hope M's test is uneventful. Have you tried a back carrier/hip sling - it may work well for you?

Lut C.

I'm glad to hear all is going well.

Don't waste your time worrying if and how you fit into the infertility community. Not conceiving with a succesfull pregnancy within one year is the definition, right? That covers recurrent miscarriers.


My sweet Banana is grumpy? I believe you, I just can't summon the mental picture in my head. Maybe if you give her some more power cords to chew on...

I'm glad that Indoor Baby is doing well and that his/her heart is beating strongly. Hooray for that! Sorry you are so tired, though. :-( Wish I was there to help you. If we had any money at all, I'd offer to fly over. Sam could entertain Banana and I'd cook you some dinner.

Hang in there babe. I'm thinking of you and M.


Kath, glad all went well with your appointment and things are looking good. Understand the grumpy baby syndrone... Oh do I understand. Byrce thought I should hold him this morning and fix his breakfast at the same time. He ended up melting down in the middle of the kitchen floor and puking because he was crying so hard. Made me feel like mother of the year! And Bryce and Banana are almost the same weight so I totally understand the lifting thing. Makes great arm muscles though huh, lol. I never have to work my arms anymore when I work out! Oh Kath, I hope the tiredness passes quickly for you, I know it's hard enough being a mom, please don't beat yourself up. Take care honey and rest up when you can!


Oh, Banana sounds just like Ellie! Now I finally, finally understand why people say that mobility is hell. Up until now I thought, This isn't so bad, I can totally handle this, this is nothing. Then she discovered that she could use her powers for evil (standing up on the changing table, arching her back and putting her arms in the air as I'm walking down the very steep spiral staircase in our house with her in my arms, dipping her hands in the dogs' water bowl over and over and over again...). Now I am seriously considering going back to work!

So happy to hear about your second pregnancy and so looking forward to hearing about life with two!

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