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Kath, I'm so very happy for you and M that things are still going wonderfully. Banana sounds adorably sweet, and that the u/s looked good is very encouraging. I'm as excited to know whether you're having a boy or girl as I am to find out for myself!


I'm so glad that things are going well with both Indoor and Outdoor baby! I wish I was there to see cute Banana doing her tricks. I'd haul her up the stairs for you any day. Sam is trying his hardest to compete with her size-wise so he has my back conditioned for heavy kids!

Take it easy as much as you can. I know that saying that doesn't do anything to help you but since I can't do anything else from a continent away I just have to nag. Sending you love and a big hug, my dear.



Kath -

So glad to get this update from you. I was beginning to wonder how things were going, and if I'm truthful, worry a bit since you hadn't posted.

Banana sounds like a delight! And I'm happy to hear the detailed scan went so well - but I know its hard not to worry about something being wrong anyway. I wish you speedy and reassuring results from the amnio!

Take care and rest up - when Banana lets you, that is!


Ah so many similarities to Pob, especially the eating and the need to eat everything everyone else has despite lack of teeth.

lut C.

My girl refuses to hold her own bottle as well. She just gets cross if you don't give it to her fast enough.

Glad to hear you're doing well on all fronts!

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