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Oh, sweet God, no. Oh, Kath, I'm in tears here at my desk while your words swim in tears. Selfishly I picture my son when he was four and it tears me up inside.

I know I would be doing the very same thing your sister is if something were to happen to either of my children.

I can only wish your families some peace, when they are ready. Much love from me.


I'm so, so sorry. It's every mother's worst nightmare, isn't it?
I wish I could say anything to help.


Oh dear Lord, Kath - this is just such devastating story! I cannot even begin to imagine the horrible, unspeakable grief this has brought to your sister in law and the whole family.

I am so sorry for this loss - your family, and especially A will be in my prayers.

Take good care my friend.

Betty M

I'm so very sorry. This is just such a horrible tragedy for any family to bear. Thinking of you all.


Oh how very awful! I'm so terribly sorry for your SIL and her family, and for how deeply it has cut at you too.

I remember when my mom passed and I didn't want to let go of her hand knowing that it would be the last time. As I type, my 3.5 year-old sits on my lap doodling on my notepaper and I can't imagine it being him. I would simply have to expire right there with him.


I am so very sorry. What a terrible tragedy.


How very sad. I'm so sorry.


Oh, Kath. I'm so very sorry. Losing a child is just profoundly unfair.


I am so sorry. Now I'm crying, too. Wordless.


That is simply awful, I am so so sorry for all who knew and loved him. What an enormous loss.


Kath - I'm so sorry to hear about this. It brings me to tears just to read the story. My love to your sister-in-law and all of their family.


My heart goes out to you and your family - especially your SIL... losing a child is just so unfair and wrong. Lots of love to you and yours.


I can't even begin to imagine that level of pain. I'm so, so sorry for you and your family.


Unspeakably sad for someone I've never met. I'm in tears here at my desk.

Love to all of you.

Lut C.

My sympathy to your family. What a nightmare.


Oh Kath! I'm crying with you and your family; I can't even imagine the loss. It sears my heart to even try. All of my thoughts and prayers and love are with you and your family.


I am so sorry.


So sorry.

Country Chick

Oh lord, I have no idea how people survive this. I am crying too, and am so, so sorry for that mother and your SIL's family.


I am so sorry! Unthinkable.
My heart goes out to all of you grieving this sweet child.


Oh Kath,
I'm am so very very sorry. My thoughts are with you and you're family right now. Poor little fellow, and poor SIL. I can not imagine...
I hope you guys are able to find some strength is this time of unbearable grief.


Oof. I have no words. But thank you much for yours. And congratulations on your second banana!


The loss of a child must be the most painful of all, but I hope that a month has given you some space. I hope you can find time (between Weihnachtsmarkt visits? -- Oh how I would love to be there!) to update how you're doing. Hopefully you're reassured by lots of movement from the little one and that Banana is getting excited for Christmas.


Dear Kath,
I hope that all is well, I've been thinking of you my friend.


I just read this post - it was unbearable. My heart goes out to the poor mum. The pain must be beyond words and everything I have felt so far in my life.

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