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I'm so glad to hear your amnio results were so good.

My son will be 3 a couple of weeks after this baby comes. I worry about the same things - what will it do to him? Honestly, I take some small comfort in knowing that once he's older, he will likely remember very little of what his life was like when he was an only child. I don't know if that truly makes a difference or not, but my own experience accepting a sibling at the age of 7 was not so great and I am glad they'll be as close together as they are.

I have made the decision to have my tubes tied during my C-section, but I can definitely understand hesitating over the finality of it. Actually, that same feeling was why we hadn't done anything about birth control after our son was born. I never thought I would end up pregnant again - and have it work! But that is why I am stopping with this one. I will already be 40 when this baby comes... it may be hubris, but I don't want another surprise a few years farther down the road.

I do think I would have felt a little weird if anyone (male or female) had suggested to my husband that I get my tubes tied, though!

Hang in there! You are doing great.


Glad to hear the news is good. And yes, the news on this side of the pond (Obama) is also wonderful. What a good day 11/4 was for many of us.


Great news.


What a great letter!

I've no insight on what a sibling will do to Banana other than to say that I got my own sibilig when I was around her age and I still love him to death. Apparently I had to go through sort of a transition but when that was over, we were inseperable. And still kind of are, occasional fights notwithstanding. In other words, I think she'll do fine and be incredibly happy about the whole thing once she adjusts.



Great news Kath, I am so happy for you!



Great amnio news!

My 1st son was 4.25yrs when my 2nd was born. It's been a really difficult adjustment for him (baby is now 3 months). I had a c-section and was away from him for 5 nights which was really hard for both of us.


Some people have a hard time understanding and accepting other people's realities. There is nothing pessimistic about thoughts. They just are what they are-- an honest perception of your reality.

I have two older sisters, we are all two years apart, and while we struggled when young we are great friends now-- Banana will adjust, she really will.

I am so glad that the results turned out well-- this is wonderfully hopeful news :)


Wonderful news Kath! Dr. Spark sounds like an encouraging guy -- I'll bet he's genuinely happy for you too.

I had similar concerns about how my first would feel because he was already 2.5y when the twins were born. I included him in as much baby stuff as I could and almost two weeks after the babies were home, he came to me and said "Mama, I want more babies."

My youngest brother has 19m between his girls and while they're very different personality-wise, they get along famously (the youngest is now 15m). I think there is some (parental) guilt initially, but the kids do perfectly fine.


so, so happy to hear the good news!


what a lovely doctor. Dr Spark probably doesn't realise how he is holding up the standard for docs across the globe.



Awesome amnio news! So glad to hear about that letter.

I'm sure, ultimately Banana will be thrilled to have a little sis! There may be a period of, ahem . . *adjustment* but sometime later I bet they will just be inseparable....

Lut C.

Glad to hear the test results were good.


Wonderful news Kath! I actually watched a newborn for 4 hours on Monday and it was interesting seeing B interact. He's use to babies from being in daycare but when nap time rolled around for him things got a little crazy as it was time for the baby to feed. I normally rock B down for his naps, bad habbit I know, but he's only going to be young for so long.... They will be close growing up Kath and that's a good thing. My brother and I were 9 years apart so I played more of mother hen to him than big sis.

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