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Oh Kath - I am thrilled and relieved to see you back here in this space! I am also glad to learn your absence wasn't due to anything going on with the pregnancy, my biggest fear truthfully.

I am sad to know though that things were so tough and you were dealing with the depression you describe. I've certainly had my own struggles with it on and off, and know how crippling it can be. I hope things are truly looking brighter for you these days.

Seems like we will be c-section "buddies." I am scheduled for mine on 4/1 - yes, April Fool's Day!

Please take good care of yourself and let us know how everything goes. I've truly missed you!

PS - you had my in hysterics over the book on the mole looking for the poop perpetrator!


Oh Kath. I am SO THRILLED to see this update. I've been thinking of you, hoping that you hadn't completely vanished into the blog netherworld of "shut down." I am so happy to see this post; though I'm sad you struggled with depression as much as you did. Hugs and the hopes that it stays brighter for you for a while.

And March 27 is my brother's birthday. He's pretty neat, so I think it's a good day for a birthday.

Stay in touch as much as you can.



Oh! Hooray! I missed you! I can't believe baby is coming so soon!

I wonder if you had Seasonal Affective Disorder, dear. That's what got me a few years ago. Now I live somewhere where it's 75 degrees in February. It helps a lot.

And that mole poop book description had me laughing far too loud.


So happy to see you back! I've been going through a similar slump, only for no good reason other than my current job situation. I hope you are feeling a lot better now and hope to see you updating again soon (ignore me, as I should take my own advice!).

Isn't 17/18 months a lovely age? I am loving all the new developments. Ellie is also tall for her age and didn't walk till almost 15 months. I wonder if there is a correlation between height and walking late? She also loves her books and has about as many words as the Banana. Perhaps it is a girl thing. But I have to say that I am having so much fun with the fabled nearly 18 months.

Also: I have seen that book! Though I can't remember if it was in England or here in the US (it was def in English)... I've only come across it once, though, and I wish I had purchased it.


Ha. In England it's called "the little mole who knew it was none of his business" (play on 'business' and 'poo' - in case that doesn't translate out of english english). I've always avoided it but maybe I should give it a try.

Very happy to hear from you. Very hard to believe your baby is coming so soon. As you know, I'm very sad that you've had such a bad time, and relieved that things are getting a bit better. Let's keep an eye on the PND, yes?


Kath! I'm so happy to hear from you again, and so terribly sorry that such darkness kept you holed up for so long.

I can't believe that there are only three weeks until your newest little one arrives. I'm sure Banana will be happy with her little sister and I don't think there's much more you can do than talk to her about what it might be like. My brother has 19m between his girls and his wife was telling me that their older one really didn't 'get it' when she talked about a new baby coming. They're another year and a half further into it and the girls are best friends, so hopefully that bodes well for us all.

Banana sounds like an absolutely perfect child and I'll wish you another equally perfect girl for the 27th!


WHEW!! I am so glad to hear from you, my friend! I have your home address thanks to the lovely baby gifts you sent Sam and I was seriously entertaining the notion of writing you a snail-mail letter. Or writing to M. to ask when you'd expired and why no one had invited me to the funeral. Morbid, I know, but I WORRY.

The mole book had me in hysterics! Sarge is grossed out by Alona Frankel's "Once Upon A Potty"; he'd be in convulsions over the mole. Priceless!

I wish I could see Banana now. She's forever frozen in my mind as I saw her in June, all round cheeks and somber curiosity (except when getting brained by Josh's cellphone...still cringe at that memory.) Give her some hugs for me, won't you?

I hope the depression will leave you alone for good. But if not, put up a hand to let us know you're drowning. We love to love you.



Well, we chatted so I already knew you were alive (PONDER ON THE NOT KNOWING, WOMAN! For shame!) but it's nice to encounter such a detailed post, and now I need to kidnap Banana, yes I do.

I understand how reality loses its edges when depressed, but I know that no one will mind (?!) your commenting should you really want to, even after such a long hiatus. Blimey but you have a knack to unnecessarily put pressure on yourself, people love you and they'll always be happy to hear from you. Repeat ad lib. Be depressed, not mental! We were taught that in vet school, I know you were wondering abt my newly-found wisdom.

Lut C.

I'm embarrassed that I didn't check in on you. :-/

If the sun is the trick for lifting your dark cloud, perhaps you need one of those sunlight mimicking lamps they sell against winter blues? I've wanted to try it, but haven't gotten around to it.

Great to hear all is essentially well with you.


I was thrilled to see your blog highlighted on my feed reader thing.

Sorry you've been grappling with the big bad D. I am glad that banana brings you much needed joy. Can't wait to hear about the new addition SOON! Wow . . . really really soon!

Betty M

My eldest loved that book!


So glad for the update. I can not believe in a couple of more weeks your baby will be here. Wow, time is flying.
Sorry you are dealing with some depression issues. Sucks, totally understand. Hope that you get feeling better sweetie. You've had a lot going on with the loss, the nanny, etc. Gosh, a whole lot.
Banaana sounds like a delight right now!!!


We have that book too, in Danish. Glad you're feeling a bit better and thanks for stopping by my blog.

I can't believe you are so close to welcoming the new little one. I hope that the nanny and the business stuff gets sorted soon.


I'm one of those horrible people that do not email or comment here enough. I drive in. I park the car and look around. Then I drive out.

But I have missed you.

And I can't wait to see Banana's new baby. Because it will be hers, you know. You're just carrying it.


Dear Kath, I'm thinking of you today, and hoping all goes smoothly tomorrow. It's currently about 9pm where you are and I hope you and your husband are comfortably snuggled together, happily anticipating the arrival of your newest little one. I'm soooo looking forward to your announcement!


Hi Kath,

Thinking of you and hoping all went well.


I'd looooove to hear about the new baby if you can find a few minutes!...

Country Chick

Very late to the welcoming party, but just dropped by to find your latest post - so pleased you are back and coming through the low times. Right there with you.
Thinking of you all and looking forward to hearing about your newest addition.


...still hoping for a new post, though I'm beginning to feel like a real pest.

Country Chick

Hi Kath. Just wondering how you got on? Would love to hear from you!


Kath, we need an update and I need to see that precious new baby(it's all about me), kidding(but not kidding about the photos). Hope things are well, thinking of you guys.


Thinking of you--and can't wait to hear all about the new babe!


Now its my turn to check on you- you okay? News please, even if its just a quick stop to tell us all is fine but you're just exhausted.


Wow, I'm the latest of the latest, not using RSS feeds or anything.

I hope all went well and everyone is delighted with the new baby.

I'd love to have the name of the book you mentioned, just the author and title, please???


I keep checking back...just in case! Looking forward to hearing from you again.


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