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WOW! That is a whole lot to go through in such a short time!! I'm sorry it has been so rough.


Wow, that is one cute baby. So glad things are getting better.


So glad to hear from you... have thought of you and Banana and now Melon (didn't know it was a Melon, frequently) Glad to hear things are better. So sorry of the passing of your MIL. Now... don't go away for 6 months again... (like I have any room to talk... )


BEAUTIFUL baby! Look at those snackable cheeks!

And oh Kath, I've missed you too. But completely understand how it would be near impossible to post with all of that going on. I hope you get some sleep soon.


Awww, it's SO GREAT to hear from you again! I had to check my feed blogroll twice -- is that really her? And it was!

Melon is GORGEOUS, but I don't know how in the world you survived the screaming. I'm glad things are better now and will be waiting for an update on your lovely girls soon, but I know that might have to wait because of the "fog."

Sometimes I think that the consequences of baby related sleep disturbances are almost lifelong... i mean, I still have lapses of memory and I've definitely changed in various ways.

I'm so sorry about your MIL -- I'm sure that being postpartum made you feel sadder. Well, sorry for my long comment, I'm really glad to hear from you again!


KATH!!!! I tried to email you but it didn't go through. :( I'm so sorry to hear what you've been going through. Sam did that screaming and crying thing you describe so well for 6 1/2 months. I felt much the same as you did...oh the hell that is an unsatisfied baby! And the joy when they are!

Melon is absolutely beautiful. She looks so much like Banana! A lovely pair of girls you have...I'm so happy for you!

I suck as a friend. I knitted a lovely sweater for Melon and it's still sitting on my table. It should fit her big toe about now. :( And after all the lovely things you graced Sam with! I'm so sorry!


PS~ I miss you! any chance you'll be in America soon?

Lut C.

Congratulations with the birth of your beautiful girl Melon!

I can only imagine what you've been through, with a colicky baby in the house. You made it through all of you in one piece, excellent work!

I'm sorry for the loss of your mother-in-law.

A tax audit, ugh. Hope it ends soon with favourable result.


When I saw a post from you I was hoping it had photos, and you didn't disappoint! I'm sorry things have been so bad for you lately, but it is good to hear your voice again.


Oh Dear. I know that screaming. Between that and the lawnmower, you poor thing. A screaming baby that makes hamburger nipples is no fun. Good thing they're so cute, eh?


Thank you so much for the update Kath. I was getting really worried. Understand the colic, Bryce had that and reflux and the first 5 months sucked. Well, not sucked but I literally would dread the evening. He would scream and I would cry. Not a happy combination. This too shall pass and so glad the Aliens dropped you off a new Melon! She is GORGEOUS! Take care and hope you are able to rest up soon. Sorry about your loss also.


I love when old friends emerge from the internet ether. So lovely to hear from you, and so glad that you somehow survived those wretched months! Melon is so delicately porcelain complected. You sure make 'em cute.


I'm sorry about your MIL. And I'm sorry about the colic- all 3 of my kids were like that and it was never that "a few hours at night thing"- it was 24 seven until about 4 months. And yeah, everything you do to survive colic (the rocking, the shooshing, the swaddling, the constant carrying) screws you as they get older because they come to expect hurculean effort to get them to sleep. My 8 year old is still a pretty difficult sleeper (at least getting him to bed and actually asleep.)
I wish we didn't live on different continents. I lived through that myself and oh man, it sucked big time.
Glad you are back. I'm trying to get back, but who knows when.


yaay. So glad you posted, particularly the picture of your gorgeous melon. Completely understand the silence given how much you've had on your plate. Will look forward to hearing more about how banana is doing when you have time.


I have to admit, that sounds like an absolutely wretched stretch of time. But I also have to say, Melon is a beautiful baby-sheesh, now I REALLY want another one....


Wow! That is quite a story. I am so glad to hear from you. Thank God or whoever for our Feeds that mean we can always keep track. Melon is gorgeous. Sounds like the light is bright at the end of the tunnel.


Great to hear from you and glad that things are improving.

Melon is very cute!!!


Oh, you're back! Yay! And man, what a rough journey. I was hoping you weren't struggling with PPD, though it sounds like what you've been through would send me headlong into it! Can't wait to hear more about Melon and Banana...

Betty M

Oh she is lovely. Sorry about the traumas of the last few months. Any one of those singly could floor someone - all 3 together - I can see why blogging would be far from high priority.


I missed you Kath and am so happy to see that things are not as devastatingly awful as I had begun to imagine.

Melon is a divinely adorable baby and hopefully, as things get easier, Banana will begin to appreciate her merits too. My almost 2yo daughter is finally discovering that she can make her 5mo sister giggle and is becoming less jealous as she discovers that the little one isn't just an attention hog.

I hear you on the missing grandparents. My mom and dad would have doted on our little ones and I'm sorry that neither they nor the kids had the opportunity to enjoy that. I sometimes think about my own grandfather who passed when my mother was still a child and imagine him to be a handsome, moral and kind-hearted character. I can only hope I build the same kind of picture of my parents for my children to know that they come from good people. I know you'll do that for your girls.

Thank you so much for posting. I hope that the audit is finalized soon and that with the arrival of Melon 2.0, you find time to savour your family.

Country Chick

Sorry to hear you have been having such a tough time. Beautiful baby though, Melon 2.0.

Good to see you're back.


You're my hero. I was so sleep deprived with one, I don't know how you do it with 2!

country chick

Just missed Melon's first birthday. I saw a comment from you on Thalia's, and hoped you might have posted again. Miss you someimes, you always seemed like a kind person - a woman to like a lot.


Hello Hello! You are coming up on a year since your last post, and I'm sure it's a year since you visited us and the girls played in the paddling pool. Do let us know how you are getting on.


Just came by to say happy birthday to Banana. Hope she had a good day. We miss you. xxxxx

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